My true friend…

Today is 25th February 2015, and it’s my birthday today. This morning when I arrived at school my friends act weird because they set up a surprise for me. I actually know that already but I pretend that I don’t know it. Then one of my friend said that she want to talk privately in the toilet. At first I don’t want to because I know when I go back it will be a surprise. But then I realized that she doesn’t lie, and so I follow her. When we come back I saw them talking behind my back. But I know their prank already. They are trying to ignore me. Then I told them the truth that I already know their prank. Then one of them messed up and then they all said happy birthday to me. When I open my desk I saw a bag that wasn’t mine, and so I ask my teacher who’s bag is that and she said that she don’t know. Then one of my friend said that it’s my birthday present. So I open it and there is a book from my best friend named Mln. Her letter made me cry and when I ready the other page I cry more. I so hard until I can not stop. Then everyone don’t know why am I crying, they thought that it’s my other friend Tius because he tease me. When Mln come back into the class I cry harder and I said “thank you so much Mln.” And then in my heart I said “thank you so much Mel. You are my true friend.” Then one of my best friend named Pikatrainer came and say happy birthday to me. And then I hug her tightly. And in my heart I said ” you are also my true friend”.


3 Rules before leaving Fairy tail guild

Honestly I also take this from Fairy tail. this time it’s the 3 rules before leaving Fairy Tail. And I know this is also a little bit weird too but it’s have a lot of meaning.

3 Fairy Tail rules before leaving the guild:

1. You must never reveal sensitive information to the others as long as you leave!

2. You must not have anauthorized contact with past clients or profit personally from them!

3. Even if we walk different paths, one must always live as strong as you are able to! You must never treat your own life as something insignificant! You must never forget your friends you love for as long as you live!

Begin the Fairy tail ceremony!

Erza_and_Farewell_Flag    Farewell_Fairy_Tail_Armor

A friends sign

Honestly I take this pictures from an Anime named Fairy Tail. This maybe a little weird but this means something special. What I want to say is that this hand sign means it doesn’t matter how far you are from us/each other , I will always see and watch over you.

index.jpg 5     fairy-tail-175-18    index


The one that always called friends are the one who you can talk, trust, lean, learn, cheer you and much more. When you feel sad they cheer you up. When you are sick/hurt they visit you. When you are confused they are the one who teach you. When you want to tell them some secret they can keep your secret. When you are in trouble they try to help you/stand up for you. Not only your friends did that to you,  but you also need to do that to them too. If they make you feel unwelcome to be their friends try to be their friend first, then if they really don’t want to, you can find another one. If you make them feel bad/really bad and they already reach their limit they can just ignore you and don’t want to be your friend. And it’s all the same as you do. So don’t make your friends feel bad or else you won’t have any friend.

index       index.jpg 2  b44f9a23b3ef2edc5f61c5889c460da7    Friends

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